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Sweet Almond (بادام) Oil-Cold Pressed

Sweet Almond (بادام) Oil-Cold Pressed

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100% pure and natural sweet almond oil is available from Khalisland. Cold-pressing almonds remove it from the nuts. By doing this, Khalisland Oils maintain all of its flavor, aroma, and nutritional content, boosting immunity, warding off illnesses, and treating the skin and hair.


1) It has a lot of vitamin E, which supports diabetes control, heart health, and maintaining a healthy weight. 
2) It improves hair health and shields against sun damage and stretch marks.
3) It provides anti-acne effects and hydrating qualities.


It can be used as a natural moisturizer for smoother skin and as a makeup remover. To get silky, lustrous, and healthy hair from the inside out, it can be applied and rubbed into the hair.
1) It can be eaten straight away for the best results.
2) It can be used to sprinkle over soups, fish, and salads.
3) According to the recipe, it can be used in baking and cooking.

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Afrah Zulfiqar

Sweet Almond (بادام) Oil-Cold Pressed