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Gurr Wali Panjeeri (پنجیری)

Gurr Wali Panjeeri (پنجیری)

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If you're looking for a healthy and nutritious snack to enjoy during the day, Khalisland Gurr Wali Panjeeri might be just what you need. This delicious treat is made from whole wheat flour, Khalis desi ghee, Gurr, and nuts, and offers a variety of benefits.

In addition, Khalisland Gurr Wali Panjeeri is a great source of energy.

Try it and you will fell in love with it Inshallah!


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Checkout the feedback shared by Tuaha Ibne Jalil, Muhammad Ali, and Ali Ehtisham.

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Qaffan Haider

Taste is really very good delicious and quality is also superbbbbb

Rahat Raja

Gurr Wali Panjeeri (پنجیری)

Zarwa qazi
A must try product of khalistan

Great wali panjeeri was awesome 👌

Fakharealam Khan
Gurr Wali Panjeeri

Its soooo delicious full of crunchy nuts.wil order again

Bushra Abbas
Don't Buy IT_ for all the wrong reasons!

Yes, don't buy the luscious, tasteful Panjeeri from Khalisland, if u do, don't open the lid- if you open it, don't repeat the mistake I did- digging a spoon deep into the fine granular form because now u won't stop eating it!!!
A huge Youthclub fan, I bought it when I saw Tauha Bhai endorsing it along with their Moringa, Honey and Talbeena.
It was the first time I had had panjeeri. On my weightloss journey, I sometimes crave for somethig sweet and I have it for all the right reasons. The Gurh panjeeri is adequately sweet, satiating, sos much so that after having two teaspoons of it, even if someones put a death by chocolate cake I simply ignore it cause I'm already satisfied. So Don' Buy It for All the WROG REASONS!