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Desi Ghee (دیسی گھی)

Desi Ghee (دیسی گھی)

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Desi Ghee produced by Khalisland is 100% pure and Khalis, produced under rigorous supervision and extracted using a commercial procedure.

In order to produce pure and nutritious milk, which is then utilized to make 100% khalis desi ghee, we at Khalisland select healthy buffaloes and cows that are nourished on a healthy diet. It has all the nutrients necessary for excellent health because it has no additional chemicals, is manufactured in accordance with stringent sanitary requirements, and is entirely made of Khalis.

As a result, you can buy Desi Ghee with confidence knowing that it is pure and that it has amazing health benefits.

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Tuaha Ibn jalil sharing his honest experience about Khalisland Products.

Customer Reviews

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Muhammad Abubakr
Desi Ghee from Khalisland (Not Cash on Delivery but Payment first Experience)

1) The Product fulfills the need (Desi Ghee of Khalisland in good Packaging and at a good rate). It's tasty and healthy to eat.
2) I had the experience of Paying it first and not doing cash on delivery, and I got fast delivery in under 48 hours. It is reliable.

Well, those Silver badges of Khalisland are not just for display that's for sure.
You guys have solved one of my diet problems, Thank You!

Jazak Allah!

Wassam Malik
Highly recommended

Thankyou khalisland for such good quality.

Imran Khan

KHALISLAND is the best

Syed Aakash
Thank you

Good product

Lubna Junaid

Best ghee