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Khalisland's Products contains no preservatives, chemicals and additives, plus they are Purely Organic and in natural form.

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KhalisLand’sHoney means Purity- Organic & 100% Purified Extraction of Nature.
Did you know about a crucial truth of honey brands in Pakistan,available in superstores?

Most of the honey brands available on the shelves of superstores are blended with the cheapest sugar ingredients & chemicals which are hazardous to health. So, please don’t play with the health of your family. Whether it’s a small bottle of honey, 1kg honey or a 2kg honey bottle with affordable 500 ml, 1kg& 2kg honey price in Pakistan; you must also be well aware of the honey processing. Because pure honey is the strongest organic food in Pakistan. KhalisLand is offering pure honey in the most sophisticated and hygienic packing with affordable honey prices and home delivery across Pakistan, UK,UAE, and other countries of the World

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The Honey Bee Workflow at KhalisLand to produce pure & best honeyin Pakistan.

Let’s see how our queen bee & her team works hard to produce pure honey for you!

Do you know how much a honey bee produces honey in its lifetime? At KhalisLand, We have a very strong infrastructure of honey hives at our naturally grown honey bee farms. Every hive has approximately 50,000 bees, weighing around 5-6 kg. A healthy bee worker produces almost 1 tablespoon of honey in its wholelife. We believe to deliver pure honey in Pakistan with a home delivery facility. Hives arebees’ homes to store honey and feedthemselves throughout winter. Hives are basically made of 6-sided tubeswhich helps honey bees to produce and store pure honey in them. 

With affordable Honey Prices in Pakistan. We have been providing the best quality organic and 100% pure extracted honey since 2002. If you are searching for ahoney producer who is able to extract pure honey from flowers and beeswax foryou; we are here to offer the best & pure honey in Pakistan at an affordable 1 Kg honey price in Pakistan. Our honey experts at KalisLand are not allowed to compromise on the purity of honey at any cost. We provide you with the best value for your money when it comes to organic and 100% pure extracted honey in Pakistan. There are just a few pure honey brands in Pakistan and we are one of the leading honey brands in Pakistan. We are approved by the related food authorities sothat you could be sure that you're getting the best & pure honey in Pakistan possible. Honey is an essential part of the food chain. It's a rich source of nutrition and calories. So, taking at least 1 teaspoon f honey ishighly recommended by diet experts. Sugar patients can take advice from their family doctors for daily honey intake.

The founders of KhalisLand has a plan todeliver pure organic food products to its valued organic food lovers. We have strong roots to produce, pack and supply pure organic food products such as honey, desi ghee, panjeeri, shaker,gurh, basmati rice, spices, and other food items. We are working hard to set upour own farms in this regard.

Pure Honey Gift Boxes to show pure love foryour beloved ones 🎁

Our sales team isalways there to provide our customers excellent honey range in beautifully designed customized gift boxes for your friends & family. You can order customizedhone, dates & aab-e-zam zam gift boxes for different occasions like Eid,Weddings, Birthdays, New Year, and other religious events according to your need. AB-E-Zam Zam & Ajwa Dates can also be included in the gift boxes.

Sidr Honey (Beri)
Sidr Kalonji Honey (Beri)
Sidr (Beri) Mixed Nuts Honey
Sidr Saffron Honey (Beri)
Sidr Ajwa Honey (Beri)

  • Pure Honey is a very good Medicine

    The natural sweetener, honey
    is used as an anti-inflammatory agent to
    treat different types of diseases.
    In Quran, Allah (JJ) has said that Honey contains health (Shifa) in it for the
    human being. Pure Honey in Pakistan
    is mostly used to treat coughs, flow, and burns to promote wound healing. You
    can order Islamic pure honey in Pakistan on our website.

  • Khalisland Organic Honey Brand in Pakistan

    Islamic Honey is a great Organic Food

    Tremendously, the health benefits
    of pure Islamic honey are
    awesome to be used with or without different meals. You can take it with your
    morning green tea to evening salads. It can be taken with any meal, tea, or
    green tea as the chemical-free KhalisLand’s Organic
    honey price in Pakistan per kg has no effects of pesticides & chemicals.

  • Best Honey in Pakistan as an antioxidants

    Khalisland Pure Honey’s Brand in Pakistan major ingredient is
    natural sugar with a balanced combination of vitamins, amino acids, minerals,
    iron, zinc, and antioxidants.

    1 kg Honey Price in Pakistan serves as a major source of natural antioxidant, that play a very
    important role in human health and it also reduces the risks of heart and cancer,

At KhalisLand, we offer items of the highest caliber that are extracted from 100% organic and raw honey combs. The following is what our company aims to give.

Fully organic A variety of Organic Foods in our pipeline including desi ghee, shakar, panjeeri, mustard oil, olive oil and much more.

Rich delight

Graded Food Packaging

Hygienic Deliveries.
Excellent taste and excellent quality.

Sidr Honey (Beri).
Raw Sidr (Beri) Honey عسل السدر is raw and cold extracted which is neither heated nor has any additives in it thus helps in the retention of the natural nutrients meaning 100% pure. It is thick with a sweet buttery taste and is Dark Amber in color which darkens over time.

Sidr Kalonji Honey (Beri).
Honey infused with Black Seed Oil combines the healing power of both these natural products. Khalisland's Honey with Black Seed is a perfect combination of everyday intake as your immune Booster.

Sidr Ajwa Honey (Beri). Honey infused with Ajwa Dates combines the healing power of both these natural products. Khalisland's Honey with Ajwa Dates is a perfect combination of everyday intake as your Immune Booster.

Sidr (Beri) Mixed Nuts Honey.
The premium quality Sidr (Beri) honey infused with The Best Quality Dry fruits; Pistachios (Pista), Walnuts (Akhrot), Almonds (Badam) and Cashews (Kaju) give profound feeling of living a healthy lifestyle.

Sidr Saffron Honey (Beri)
We use the highest quality Saffron (Super Negin A+ European Grade) and infuse with Organic Sidr Honey.It takes almost 48 hours for the Saffron to release the essential oils and aroma into Sidr Honey.

Simply the Great Organic food with best Honey Price in Pakistan.
Buy Sidr Honey Online 🍯, our honey is 100% pure and straight from the hive. We harvest honey through our trained and certified beekeepers. Once harvested, we do not pasteurize, filter or mix with other cheap honey. We offer honey delivery across Pakistan and abroad with very good honey prices in Pakistan. We have a full variety of Beri Honey, Young Bee Hive, black forest honey, and manuka honey. KhalisLand delivers honey in Pakistan’s all cities including Lahore, Faisalabad, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Gujranwala, Gujrat, Hydrabad, Karachi etc and & all over the world.

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  • 1 Kg Honey price in Pakistan

    1 Kg Khalis Land Honey; best value for your Money

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    purest portal of organic honey. We are here to offer the best 1kg honey price in Pakistan and abroad
    with guaranteed purity.

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    Are you looking for Best Sidr Honey in Pakistan?

    KhalisLand is 1 of
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  • sidr honey price in pakistan | best honey in Pakistan

    Honey is a wonderful source of energy!

    Organic food has always been a very
    strong source of energy in human history. We offer Honey, being a pure organic
    food in the most hygienic packing for our customers

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    Pure Sidr Honey with Best Price in Pakistan.

  • magical moringa powder in lahore

    Magical Moringa Powder

    100% Raw and Organic

  • Pure Organic Desi Ghee price in lahore Pakistan

    Pure Organic Desi Ghee

    100% Khalis Organic Desi Gee in Pakistan for Natural Taste.