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Sidr (Beri) Mixed Nuts Honey: بیری اور خشک میوہ جات والا شہد

Sidr (Beri) Mixed Nuts Honey: بیری اور خشک میوہ جات والا شہد

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The best quality dry fruits, including pistachios (pista), walnuts (akhrot), almonds (badam), and cashews (Kaju), are combined with premium Sidr (Beri) honey to create a profound sense of living a healthy lifestyle.

Khalisland provides you with 100% Pure & Natural Honey from the slopes of the Himalayas in Pakistan. Khalisland's honey is unadulterated, unheated, and non-pasteurized, free of additions and preservatives, retaining its optimum nutritious value.

We offer only pure, raw, natural honey.

 The therapeutic properties of both of these organic products are combined in honey that has been mixed with nuts.

  1. Pure Organic Honey
  2. There are no artificial flavors or colors.
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Tuaha Ibn jalil sharing his honest experience about Khalisland Products.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

I ordered the mixed nuts honey jar, and I must say honey is pure organic, the nuts are fresh, and it tastes absolutely delicious, Masha’Allah also the order arrived on time in very secure and safe packaging

Amazing (BaarakAllah)

It was a ten on ten product, both in terms of quality and customer services; highly recommended. Will soon make more purchase In Shaa Allah.

Side mixed nuts honey

G mey ne kal hi apna parsal wasool kia ha,mashallah bohth aala quality ka ha

Ramsha Jalali
Mixed nuts honey

I think the honey is good but the nuts donot have their own taste and they don't seem to be of good quality however the amount of nuts in the honey is good.